Advanced Heat Treament System

Advanced Heat Treat System We specialize in Motion Control Systems giving you CONTROL of your goals. We start with your idea then design, engineer, fabricate, test and install the Power Unit or System to get you the desired results and control you want. Knowledge is Power and with our help you can achieve it!

This Advanced Heat Treament System is Powered by a custom turnkey system including a custom software program and a complete hydraulic system (shown on the right) that can be accessed remotely. This is a 5 Axis Motion Controlled System designed for velocity, force and position. Each function has the ability to accelerate and decelerate while moving a mass of 32,000 lbs. and holding exact position. The components are driven into the oversized 1500 degree oven (shown), retrieved, then cooled in the quenching fluid to help eliminate distortion and post heat treatment maching, therefore, reducing costs all in a matter of 40 seconds.

You have the idea, we have the solution. Anywhere from 1/2HP to 2000HP, no concept is too big or too small.

Current projects include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, US Navy, and US Airforce just to name a few.